Sunday, December 04, 2005

It snowed today

Yes it snowed today and people had to shovel the stuff. I'm sure it will be the lead story on what passes as the 6 o'clock news in Northeast PA. At least it's the weekend and the local TV stations didn't subject us to endless updates, school closings and predictions of endless doom. The supply of milk, bread and toilet paper must be secure as no bulletins interrupting the NFL games have told us otherwise. Why people get so bent out of shape every winter when the flakes hit the ground is beyond me. My biggest disappointment is that there was not enough to use my favorite (only)winter toy, my snowblower. Although the snowfall is light I will continue a tradition of the Gort household and fire up the BBQ grill in celebration of the first appearance of wintry precipitation. The ritual also includes throwing snowballs at the dog and trying to get the cat to go outside with the resulting wounds being inflicted. This will probably be the first of many snows to come if you can believe the experts that are predicting a severe winter. Of course these so called experts can't tell you what is going to happen Thursday let alone what the weather will be like a month or two from now.


Anonymous said...

His Holiness was viewing the WNEP early morning newscast from his lounge in the Vatican--as the camera went from the anchorman to a live shot of a snow covered I-81, he stated "Let me explain what you are seeing here...". Laughable...and very typical of SWB.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna snow! I gotta get to the store; buy some milk, eggs, preparation h, oh so much to do! WHat are they calling for? 2 inches!! Oh Lordy, we're all going to die!! I better get to Wal Mart and pick up some more quik joe and gloves, and milk of magnesia!! Put the weather channel on--let's see if it's been revised! Maybe it won't come, but i can't take chances!"