Sunday, October 29, 2006

117th district

In the race to replace that towering figure George Hasay, best know for his knowledge of bats, we have a choice of Karen Boback and Fred Nichols. Fred is a fun guy. He is best known for posing for a picture on a dating site with his gun. Dumb thing to do but he's learned from that. Karen has more degrees than I can count and has been involved in every good cause she has time for. The district includes most of the west side of Luzerne County.

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Anonymous said...

Well well well I see the article in the paper that Mr. Hasey has endorced Karen Boback from "Boback Mountain". I distinctly remember reading he an article where he said he wasn't going to endorse anyone.I figured he would be sneaky and imagine that only 5 DAYS before election. What was he afraid of? Why didn't he endorse earlier?? I can say that I will be happy to see him go! After all he is very deceiving and we have enough of them in Harrisburg!!