Thursday, October 19, 2006

Free air time

Channel 16 has been showing Bush's fundraising visit for Don Sherwood all afternoon. I think Sherwood's campaign should be charged the standard advertising rate for all this publicity.

Bush is speaking now and is saying the Republicans will keep taxes low and protect the country. He said he was Sherwood's 2nd choice to campaign for him but sends Laura's love and that he read Carol Sherwood's letter and was touched by it. I almost cried. Now he's fearmongering. Same old stuff. "Fight them over there or we will have to fight them over here. We have to be right 100% of the time," blah, blah. He defended torture, trashing habeas corpus, wiretapping and the Patriot Act. He just said he knows what Osama thinks, he must talk to him a lot. On Iraq we must wage war to ensure world peace (Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia) and endorsed Joe Leiberman. It would dishonor our troops if we withdraw from Iraq before victory is achieved-he didn't define "victory." Now he is trying to make Nancy Pelosi into a bogeyman and repeated the lie that the Democrats want to wait to be attacked before doing something about terrorism. He invoked God, Elvis and his Dad. My teeth are starting to hurt.


PA progressive said...

Did you read my piece on Mrs. Sherwood?

Gort said...

I just did. You made some good points. It's hard to cry foul when your in the public eye. Desperate measure from a desperate campaign.

Doctor Rick said...

I guess Sherwoods visit from Bush is a big deal being as Casey's daily free ad in the Times Liberal means nothing?

Casey's name is contantly in the headlines. "Casey claims this..."
or "Poll favors Casey"

How oft is Santorum's pic or info in bold print?

Democrat double standards - read between the lines!