Thursday, October 26, 2006

John Cordora has a website

Just in time for Halloween 120th District Republican candidate John Corora has joined the internet age. He is running hard on the pay raise that Phyllis Mundy voted for.

During my political involvement as a non-paid activist over the years I have never heard the outcry for change as I have in this year's statewide races.

My opponent, incumbent Phyllis Mundy, was one of the state legislators who voted in favor of the largest self-pay raise in state history, a 16-34% increase.

Speaking of Halloween. Does he resemble Vincent Price?


Anonymous said...

What a dope!

Anonymous said...

Now that Cordora has a Web site, is he going to come up with some constructive ideas or just keep jabbering about the pay raise?

I am backing Mundy 100 percent. She is Pennsylvania's only hope for a real solution to the health care crisis. With Ed Pashinski on board to help her, we may actually see some amazing results.

Gort said...

Phyllis has been working on a problem that really should be addressed by the national government. They won't but she will.

Anonymous said...

Is Levinson insinuating that no other lawmaker cares about healthcare, I guess Tom Tigue wasn't working for the 121st District and Yudichak wasn't working so hard for his constituents that he is the favored candidate to replace Kanjorski. Backing a dead horse Billy Boy,