Sunday, October 01, 2006

“Senator Santorum’s worst enemy is Senator Santorum.”

Challengers don't win elections, incumbents lose them.

CV: A poll released last week by Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University showed the Democratic challenger had the support of 51 percent of likely voters, compared to 39 percent for the Republican incumbent — a 12-point gap. A Quinnipiac poll conducted in mid-August had Casey’s ahead by half that number. What gives? Quinnipiac pollster Clay Richards chalked it up partly to a spate of negative ads the Santorum camp has been running against Casey. He said the ads have backfired and underscored Santorum’s reputation as a polarizing figure.“In the end,’ Richards said, “Senator Santorum’s worst enemy is Senator Santorum.”

2 Polical Junkies has a rundown that reinforces my opinion. The more Santorum goes negative on Casey the more he reminds people of why they don't like him. The steady stream of ads that accuse Casey of being a crook have backfired. What a brilliant stratergy.

Separated At Birth?

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'Immigration' Casey is no better.