Friday, October 06, 2006

118th district debate

Republican Maureen Tatu and Democratic opponent Michael Carroll had a discussion the other night. From the press reports Tatu thinks our health care problems are caused by lawyers and Carroll said he is an insider who knows how to get things done. One point Tatu made that I think may come true:

CV: They also split on their views of legalized gambling, and the property tax relief that’s supposed to follow. Carroll seemed to take a wait-and-see approach about any perceived societal ills, saying safeguards were included in the gambling bill that could substantially help homeowners’ pocketbooks. Tatu predicts less tax relief than advertised will be generated, many social problems will occur and said she is opposed to the expansion of gambling to table games like blackjack.

I like it when people agree with me. This whole gambling thing is going to create more problems than it will solve.

As usual a blogger gives you a better rundown of what happened than the papers. David Yonki was there.


Gort said...

Kanjo is going to retire soon. What a bloodletting that primary that will be. Yuddy, Blaum, etc.

Gort said...

Kevin Blaum has been the best rep we ever had. I would work hard for him to win.