Saturday, October 14, 2006

Extreme Makeover-Web Edition or Queer Eye for the Blog Guy

Three of my daily reads have revamped their sites and and changed URLs recently.

The most radical change was PennPatriot shutting down his opinion based blog and starting up a new venture. VoicePA is a collection of views from all over Pennsylvania about PA politics with a conservative tilt but includes other opinions. His coverage of the Senate debate has been widely circulated by the Santorum campaign. Good job Randy.

Patriot News reporter Brett Lieberman's Pennsyltucky Politics has a new brighter home that now lets you comment on his posts.

Matt Best has also moved into a new neighborhood and is promising to add more bells and whistles to Courage of Conviction.


Doctor Rick said...

Gort, are you Carson Kressley

Gort said...

Yes, and we must do something about that atrocious wardrobe of yours.