Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mischief maker or Vigilante?

Wilkes-Barre's version of Batman is in the news again. The man with the dark sunglasses who used to videotape council meetings, tows everything in sight and is known for out of control dogs makes the headlines again.

City tow truck driver charged for ramming car

...Bob Kadluboski of City-Wide Towing rammed his tow truck into a Honda Accord police linked to a Sept. 7 stabbing, injuring the driver and causing the vehicle to hit a police car, according to charges filed Monday....After ramming the car, police said Kadluboski boasted, “Like the Honeymooners, bang boom to the moon … She wasn’t going to get away.” Short of being praised, Kadluboski was credited after a similar incident in March 2005. He rammed a car fleeing a shooting at a city bar and detained two suspects until police arrived.Wilkes-Barre police Capt. Donald Crane said there’s a “fine line between when to help and not to help,” and police believed Kadluboski crossed that line.

TL: Kadluboski, 50, of New Frederick Street, is charged with three counts of simple assault and one count of criminal mischief, all second-degree misdemeanors, and a summary offense of reckless driving. The charges, filed Monday, will be served upon him via mail.

He also the source of an illegal ad before the May primary. Haven't heard much about that since it happened.

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MasterQ said...

I had my car towed by this nutball (for lack of a more extreme word) a while ago. I nicely asked him a few questions about it because I realized that he was just doing his job by towing me, and his reply to me was "Get the f*** out of my face." Then after I went to pick my car up the car was facing me so I didn't notice that he had actually stomped my muffler (there is a foot-shaped, muddy dent to prove it) off of my car. It was a cannon muffler, so the loud sound sounded normal to me. Now he tries to act like a politician and set up a press conference and thinks he's batman being a vigilante? For God's sake buddy, your a freaking tow truck driving grease monkey. Do you think all this can have anything to do with the city not renewing thier contract with you? lol *END RANT*