Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Don Sherwood apologizes

To be fair he has expressed his regrets before. You can see the video at his website. For six years now we have had members of the government refusing to take responsibility for anything that has gone wrong. Even Sherwood blamed the 9/11 fundraiser debacle on an overly aggressive aide. This week the Foley scandal has the Republican leadership pointing fingers at each other. Foley himself blamed it on booze and being molested by a clergyman. Dennis Hastert says he doesn't remember being told about his behavior last year and Condi Rice said she doesn't remember being warned by the CIA Director of an imminent attack by Al Qaida. Are these people so drunk all the time that they can't remember anything?

As hard as I am on Don Sherwood at least he had the decency to apologize for his actions. Thank you sir.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gort, it seams his apology is appropriate if as he states the alegations are false. If they are not, then it seams his apology doesn't hold water if he realy did give that woman an overzelous massage.

LVDem said...

apologies are only good if a good deed follows... maybe sherwood should be good and step aside.