Saturday, October 14, 2006

Under the radar

With all the attention on the statewide and congresional races it's hard for the state house candidates to get some ink.

BEAR CREEK TWP. Republican Maureen Tatu and Democrat Mike Carroll are vying for retiring Rep. Tom Tigue’s seat in the 118th district. Democratic incumbent John Yudichak is running for his fifth consecutive term in the 119th district against Republican challenger Ed Sieminski.

The discussion was about giving seniors property tax relief. Seniors aren't the only people who pay property taxes but they are the most likely to vote.

Yudichak touted bills he voted for to help seniors with property taxes. He said that legislation he supported that will go into effect in 2007 will relieve property tax burden up to 90 percent of his elderly constituents.

But Sieminski said the bill does not affect enough people, and overall property tax reform is needed.“What you hear is typical, which is dancing around the issue,” he said. “The issue is property tax reform, which affects many aspects of our society.”

Carroll urged voters to be patient, while Tatu said that sales taxes could relieve the burden on property taxes. She said sales taxes geared toward tourism industries, like the new casinos expected to open throughout the state in the next few months.“Property tax reduction will not be done in one fell swoop,” Carroll said. “It will be done in steps.”

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