Saturday, October 14, 2006

No debate for you

An update on David Slavick, the Democratic Candidate for State Representative in the 109th Legislative District (Columbia County). The district borders Luzerne County. He is running against freshman Republican David Millard.

The Press Enterprise Thu, Oct 5, 2006 (no link, they charge you to read their website)

Incumbent State Rep. David Millard says he won't debate Democratic challenger David Slavick this fall, and Slavick is using the opportunity to question how effective Millard can be in the state Capitol. Millard says he feels his voting record, his door-to-door campaigning and his availability during office hours give voters enough chances to answer questions about his political stances. But Slavick says debates also show skills a legislator should have. In the state House, you must speak persuasively at a moment's notice and "have the ability to think on your feet," he said. "It seems to me that Mr. Millard is not comfortable talking about the issues in a forum he hasn't created himself," Slavick said.

There might be other reasons Millard is avoiding facing his opponent in public.

BLOOMSBURG - Rep. David Millard has paid the state a $4,500 penalty because he attested to the accuracy of a fire association's financial reports, something that only certified public accountants are legally permitted to do.In addition to serving as president of The Bloomsburg Firemen's Relief Association, Millard was paid up to $1,200 a year to prepare its financial records for audit.

What do the locals think of his ducking a debate:

Since he's been in Harrisburg less than three years, it's arrogant of Millard to assume the posture of the well-known incumbent who dismisses a debate as unworthy of his time.

Millard says he's been meeting voters on his own terms. But that's why debates are interesting and valuable; they give voters a chance to see how a public official thinks on his feet in a situation he doesn't control...

Millard may think that ducking a debate strengthens his chances in November; maybe it does.

But on the downside, it creates the impression he is unsure of himself and afraid of a challenge.

Above Average Jane interviewed David in August. He has an interesting life story, has been all over the world and even worked on economic development in the Balkans. He has some creative ideas for central PA.

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Anonymous said...

Sad --- even freshman incumbents avoid debates. Voter's need to send any incumbent unwilling to debate home