Saturday, October 14, 2006

The invisible man speaks

And says more of the same. He's not invisible anymore as the Times-Leader had his picture in yesterday's paper but it's not online. Pity, he's such a handsome devil. The race for the 120th District on the west side of Luzerne County promised to be the most fun of the local contests but that didn't pan out. He ducked a debate with incumbent Phyllis Mundy and has not been seen much in the district.

He did meet with the TL editorial board. Here are some choice quotes:

"Voting for the pay raise, it’s similar to robbing a Turkey Hill"

“Phyllis Mundy is in the political fight of her life.”

"The pay raise is the issue that will ignite the voters to the polls.”

“Future pay raises, never!” Cordora said. “I would sign a contract to be kicked out if I vote or accept a pay raise.”

Cordora said he is opposed to gay marriage, saying he would vote against such legislation “all the time,” and believes the minimum wage should be equal to annual cost of living increases.

“I’m a conservative but I’m very sympathetic to social issues,” Cordora said.


Doctor Rick said...

Stebbins was way better than this guy and twice as goos as Mundy.

I have no clue how someone who does and says so little received the votes he did.

Anonymous said...

Stebbins was inexperienced and basically, politically inept. Cordora is not even going to get 30%.

Anonymous said...

Stebbins needed some more grooming and just needs to work from the bottom up for a few years, that is why I voted for Cordora, who knows maybe a few more years or a decade of loyalty to our part and he could get his shot, it isn't about common sense but dollars and cents. He had good ideas but he just couldn't sell me on his loyalty to our party.