Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hastert and Reynolds cancel

From AMERICAblog:

Okay, this is rich. It's the clash of Republican sex scandals. Republicans across the country are running from Speaker Hastert and NRCC Chair Tom Reynolds. But, not Don Sherwood. He wanted them. But, Hastert and Reynolds don't want to be seen with him. The toxic leaders are dissing the even more toxic Choker.

President Bush is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser for Sherwood on October 19th. Will the Prez appear for the Choker? Or will Bush drop him just like Hastert and Reynolds did?

PennLive: Jake O'Donnell, a spokesman for Sherwood, said Monday that an Oct. 18 event with Hastert was only tentatively scheduled and was canceled mostly because Sherwood had another major event the next day.
Pressure from Sherwood's Democratic opponent was a factor in the decision by Reynolds, the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, not to appear at an event Thursday with Sherwood, O'Donnell said. A Republican campaign spokesman disputed that assertion and cited other events as the reason....NRCC spokesman Ed Patru said Reynolds had events in his own district that led him to drop out of the Sherwood fundraiser.
"Mr. O'Donnell is not in a position to know why the event was canceled," Patru said. "He was clearly out of the loop on this one."

Chris Carney's reaction:

Clarks Summit, PA – After repeated calls by Chris Carney to keep members of the “Foley 5” out of the district, fundraisers for Don Sherwood with House Speaker Dennis Hastert and NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds were cancelled yesterday.

“I was extremely disappointed that Congressman Sherwood had even planned to bring the GOP leaders at the heart of the Mark Foley scandal into our community,” said Carney. “These cancellations underscore just how important values are in this race. The people of the 10th district deserve a representative who will make them proud, not someone who continues to embarrass them by his own actions and the company he keeps.”

“The Republican leadership finally seems to be learning from its own mistakes. After they covered up Mark Foley’s disgraceful behavior in order to keep their power, they understand that they need to jump ship when it comes to supporting Mr. Sherwood,” said Carney Spokeswoman Kyra Jennings. “Reports even show that it was Congressman Reynolds who called for the cancellation – at least the NRCC Chairman finally got how inappropriate his visit would be, even if Mr. Sherwood is blind to the fact that these fundraisers go against the values of his own district.”

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I got up your way tonight for the Carney event in Archbold. I have a report and pictures up on TPP.