Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Carney, Casey and Rendell hold leads

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. - Representative Don Sherwood, the Republican incumbent in the 10th congressional district, has gained no ground on Democratic challenger Christopher Carney over the last month. A new poll released today by Lycoming College shows Sherwood trailing Carney 38 to 47 percent, a deficit statistically indistinguishable from the findings of the College’s September poll. Fifteen percent of respondents remain undecided in the latest survey.

From GrassrootsPA

New Leaked Rasmussen Reports: Casey 55% Santorum 42%. ALSO: Rendell 56% Swann 38%

NOTE: According to Politics1.com, the new Rasmussen Reports Gov and Senate Race surveys show the above figures.

If the polls can believed we are looking at an historic blowout election in PA and across the country. About time people woke up and reject the slash and burn politics of the last 6 years. The Republicans aren't interested in governing but in winning. The thing they don't understand is that if you govern well we all win. All their efforts to divide us have failed. We are better than that. You can't keep playing off blacks against whites, born here or not and get into peoples bedrooms. The only thing they offer is fear. Fear of terrorists, Democrats, people who are different and the future.

The Congress has raided the treasury to benefit the few at the expense of the many. The United States Armed Forces have been put into the impossible position of occupying a country who's people don't want us there and there is no end in sight. The Constitution is "just a goddamn piece of paper." The Congress has given in to every demand of the executive and hasn't fullfilled it's oversight duty. Time to change the Congress.

This country has been involved in a debate on whether torture is a good thing? People are kidnapped on American soil and spririted off to foreign lands because our laws say you can't break their heads open. The prisons like Gitmo and Abu Ghraib that we know about are a disgrace. US citizens can be wiretapped without judicial or congressional oversight. The writ of habes corpus has been suspended in violation of the Constitution.

Is this President Reagan's City on a Hill?

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