Monday, October 09, 2006

Whatever happened to Party Animals?

Sunday Citizens Voice used to have a great political gossip column titled Party Animals that was tten by Mike McGlynn. He might deny that. The column would give you the low down on who was mad at who, the testing of of the waters by various candidates and just a refreshing Machiavellian view of county politics. I miss it.

The CV still does a better job of covering the local candidates than the Times-Leader. Some highlights of Monday's Political Scene.

Mike Morreale must be running for re-election in 2007. He has an event this Thursday.

The Luzerne County Treasurer has taken some couragous stands.
He broke with the powers that be and voted to reform the county pension fund. It worked, the latest reports I have read say that the fund is doing better than ever. This is a man that has taken the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and lived through it. Mike will always have my vote. He's got Balls.

Yuddy will be collecting accolades in Mountaintop and raising a few bucks. I haven't heard much from his Republican oponent Ed Sieminski.

Joe Leonardi also got a mention. We have gotten one after another Kanjo nepotism story, enough already. Maybe I'm just naive but it seems to me you should put your friends and family as far away from your public duties as you can.

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Doctor Rick said...

YUDDY is PA's best Democrat. Long ago I predicted a big future for him...I see the advent rising.