Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Expect a terror alert

With all the bad news for the Republicans in the last few days I expect the the Administration to try to change the subject. The Foley thing, repeal of the 4th and 6th admendments, The NIE that says the war has created more terrorists than existed before and Woodward's book. Legalizing torture, etc.


Anonymous said...

I think it was the Clinton Administration that tried to repeal the Second Amendment and part of the 4th (with warrantless searches of subsidized housing).

I do not agree with any warrantless surveillance of any American. The phone call monitoring is, however, directed at communications with known terrorists. Remember that law enforcement (or by implication the NSA) does not need warrants to monitor BOTH parties to a conversation. If, for example, they have a warrant to wiretap a gangster, and the gangster sends out for a pizza or Chinese food, the Feds may end up listening to the restaurant owner. During wartime, no warrant is needed to listen to enemy communications, even if the enemy happens to communicate with a U.S. citizen.

I'll worry about the Republicans when "King George" tries to quarter a troop of Redcoats in my house (3rd Amendment) or files a bill of attainder against someone. Incidentally, I think even King George III had to pay the owner for room and board when he quartered his troops in a private dwelling or business.

Gort said...

I don't remember Clinton trying to repeal the 2nd amendment. And yes the government should be able to monitor suspected terrorists. But any program like this should have oversight. The Congress won’t do it so it's up to the courts. I prefer the Congress having oversight.

PA progressive said...

The NSA wiretapping is NOT aimed at only terrorists. They have tapped AT&T's trunk lines and are using data mining to monitor everything and sort out potential risks. They are wiretapping millions of innocent Americans.