Friday, October 06, 2006

11th Congressional District

With all the fun going on in the 10th CD it's time to catch up on the latest in the race between Congressman Paul Kanjorski and his Republican challenger Joe Leonardi. This week the NY Times had an article about how business gets done in the house and Kanjo's role in it.

Trading Votes for Pork Across the House Aisle

For more than a decade, Representative John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania has operated a political trading post in a back corner of the House of Representatives....“Whether they get what they want in the bill or they get the votes they are looking for, nobody ever leaves completely disappointed,” said Representative Paul E. Kanjorski, a Pennsylvania Democrat often found in what is known as the Murtha corner.....Mr. Kanjorski, the Pennsylvania Democrat, said he had help on “8 to 10” projects, including a $9.5 million deal four years ago for research by a firm partly owned by his nephews. In an interview, Mr. Kanjorski said his relatives “just happened to be the only people who would take responsibility” for developing the technology, which involved using water jets to pulverize materials. He said he recently gave Mr. Murtha a pair of high-tech disease-resistant socks made with silver fibers by a company in his district. After padding around in them, Mr. Kanjorski said, Mr. Murtha was so pleased that he agreed to an earmark to buy them for soldiers.

Disease-resistant socks?

Kanjorski responded in the TL: “My comments to the New York Times regarding Congressman Jack Murtha’s effectiveness in the U.S. House of Representatives emphasized his interest in helping his colleagues better serve their districts. His power is derived from his ability to reach workable compromises with members of very disparate backgrounds, not his ability to deliver earmarks. I am disappointed that the story failed to fully reflect the extraordinary legislative talents of my friend, Jack Murtha, which has helped his district and has helped my district.”

Leonardi's stance is simple. "NO NEPOTISM - If you are related to me, No Government Job or Contract."

This Sunday the 4th District Republican Committee has an event for Leonardi. The details are here.

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