Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Phyllis' focus is on the future

Senator Ray Musto joined Secretary of Environmental Protection Kathleen McGinty and Representative Phyllis Mundy

The Times-Leader is doing it's roundup of the the local races and it was Luzerne County's dean of legislators turn.

Just a note about the pic. Ray Musto is also on the ballot this year and the local Republican Party couldn't even find someone to run against him. Like most political junkies I absolutely hate unopposed elections. I think it's sad that in this year with all the outrage over the pay raise they couldn't find somebody to run for state senator. DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty has worked in the White House and has been a player in the battles over the environment all over the world. Expect to hear her name again.

Back to Phyllis. She has a been a good legislator for our area and has the good fortune of representing a relatively prosperous area of the Wyoming Valley. She has been a leader on finding real solutions to health care problems not just mouthing nonsense about blaming lawyers for the all the problems in the system. She also has a solid record on the environment. The only black eye is the pay raise and her defense leaves something to be desired.

Some highlights from the TL interview:

Phyllis Mundy gives three reasons why voters in the 120th state legislative district should reelect her to a ninth two-year term in the state House of Representatives.
"Seniority, experience and knowledge," Mundy said....Mundy said her 16 years as a lawmaker has her in line to be a chairperson of a committee...."Seniority means a lot and I have many unfinished projects, like flood control and the 8th Street Bridge replacement, just to name two," Mundy said.

Mundy defended her support of Act 44, which passed in the middle-of-the-night on July 7 that gave lawmakers and judges a 16 to 34 percent pay raise.

She did admit, however, that she underestimated the emotions of people about the pay raise.

When the state Supreme Court ruled on Sept. 14 that the General Assembly violated the state constitution by allowing the midterm pay raises, Mundy said state lawmakers are now the lowest paid among four of the 50 states that have full-time lawmakers.

Underestimated the emotions and lowest paid? How about taking responsibility, apologize and move on.


Bill Fitz said...

Musto is awsome, We went down to stundent lobbying day in april and we were just going to tlak to him for a few minutes but we got a tour of the capital,
He showed us his desk in the chamber where he apperntly is the candy man.
Then we saw Katherinf baker Knoll< Yes she is that crazy and she spoiled the West Wing election and went o some other partisan rants.
Then we ran ito Jubileer, Out of resepct for Mustos as my host i bit my tounge, then we met Mundy(huge loser) She was complaining about the ultra conservtive reoublicans and there treatment of Joe Conti(RINO from bucks) I just wanted to sayWell he voted for the pay raise and deserves it, but out of resepct for musto i bit my tounge.
In the end Musto and Knoll went political and I hated them, Musto was just being a good host and I like them, i mean we were Political scince majors and are above being persuaded by rants and raves, While musto was justa good guy and wanted us to enjoy ourselves.
Well that was a rant

Anonymous said...

I don't live Phyllis Mundy's district but I am voting for Ed Pashinski, because he also has some CONSTRUCTIVE ideas for fixing the health care system. Maybe the two of them together can get enough momentum to achieve this.

Also be sure to vote for Bob McNamara if you live in the 20th Senate District because his useless opponent favors caps on malpractice damage awards.

Anonymous said...

Phyllis is a crook just like the rest of them.

go to

they have a new blog starting on 12/1/06. The last was a great and you should consider joining in on this one. It was a lot of fun to read.