Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Best Political Ad of 2006

WaPo's Chris Clizza:It's rare when a single television commercial can spell the end of a political campaign or career. Media consultants spend years looking for that kind of silver bullet -- a spot so powerful that it fundamentally alters the calculus in a contest.
Chris Carney launched just such an ad recently in his campaign against Don Sherwood, the four-term GOP congressman from Pennsylvania's 10th District.


Bill Fitz said...

I would not call this the best add, becuase it was not ingenious or anything, There was no great twist, spin or opposition research,
I will say it is one of the most effective adds, but the consultnat who made this it is not creative, and shoudl not be congratualted for doing what any decent consultnat worth thier salt would do
Basically Im saying, The add had to be run, but it cant be called the best add of the year becuase it was easy to do.
The only person who desrves any credit for the add i Don Sherwood

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be a bad ad if it were true.

Mr. "I've supported Don since the beginning" started giving money to Don Sherwood opponents in 2000.

If the girl in the photo was actually his daughter (she isn't) she should have been standing by his side.

Joey had to marry yet another woman - his third wife, or is it four? I've lost track, there was Cheryl than Terry, then another Teri, now Susan - to find this girl and try to call her his daughter.

Never thought Tunkhannock could be such a Peyton Place.

Gort said...

Jerry's number of wives is not the issue. Don Sherwood's girlfriends are. Are you saying that the girl in the ad is not his daughter?