Wednesday, October 25, 2006


WILKES-BARRE - U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood said ads that say he took congressional pay raises while opposing increases in the federal minimum wage are lies...."The ad that I took a large pay raise, they have two of them, one of them said I voted for a large pay raise," Sherwood said. "The other (that) said I took a large pay raise while I wouldn't raise the minimum wage is absolute bull----."

He recently began airing a TV spot calling Chris Carney a liar. I've been screaming for a response to that ad remembering what has happened to other candidates that didn't respond to false attacks. Sherwood's campaign and allies have also been sending out direct mail pieces trying to tear down Carney. But the accusations in the mailers aren't exactly true. In fact they're full of lies and two of the groups cited as sources have objected.

TL: A nonpartisan political research group sent out a notice Friday that the state Republican committee inappropriately used its research in a negative campaign flyer aimed at Democrat Chris Carney...Project Vote Smart received a copy of the flier from a Tunkhannock resident and issued a press release refuting their involvement in the Sherwood's campaign ad.

AARP: Ad "wrongly attacks" Carney: In a letter sent to its members, a nonpartisan advocacy group warned that a televised campaign ad "wrongly attacks" Democratic resentative candidate Chris Carney by suggesting he might raise taxes and cut Social Security benefits.

Then there is this lunacy. (h/t Capitol Ideas)

RNC Mailing Accuses Pa. Democrat Of Helping To Start the War in Iraq

Voters in Pennsylvania's rural, conservative 10th Congressional District received an unlikely mailing earlier this month accusing a former Navy lieutenant of helping start the Iraq war.
Quoting a 2004 article, "Lie Factory," that appeared in Mother Jones magazine and relied on interviews with a former Pentagon analyst turned White House foe, Karen Kwiatkowski, the mailing highlights Christopher Carney's role in a small intelligence analysis shop inside the Pentagon before the Iraq war. The top of the mailing warns voters, "Chris Carney failed our nation once." "Don't give Chris Carney a chance to FAIL us again," the next page says...In an interview yesterday, Mr. Carney told the Sun: "It is kind of ironic that a Republican is accusing me of starting the war. I am backing off my support for the war. I am unhappy with the preparation and the planning, like a lot of Americans."

And all this time I've been blaming Bush. I'm glad the Republicans cleared that up for me.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank Mr. Sherwood for his candor and opening up our eyes as to how the Commie Chris Carney is responsible for the mess in Iraq. Leave it to a pinko COmmie to screw up a good war and take out all of the fun!! Just like that LBJ did in 'Nam, damn it!!! May I remind all the anarchists out there who read this trashy blog--if it weren't for men like Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and the Sainted Sen. Santorum, you would all be speaking Arabic today and trading in your copies of Mein Kampf and Playboy for the Koran!!! Wake up USA--two weeks til election day!!! Let's win one for Santorum in the spirit of the Gipper!!!! And let us pray for rain so those prissy liberals will be afraid to muss up their hair and stay home!!!! I hate you all!!!!

Carl said...

Thanks for visiting, Congressman, and don't forget to clear your desk out by January 1!