Friday, October 13, 2006


A: Come in. M: Ah, Is this the right room for an argument? A: I told you once. M: No you haven't. A: Yes I have. M: When? A: Just now .M: No you didn't .A: Yes I did. M: You didn't A: I did! M: You didn't! A: I'm telling you I did! M: You did not!!

I just watched some of the Santorum and Casey debate. I haven't seen anything this out of control since I was in Jr. High. As predicted Rick came out swinging and Casey gave it right back. They kept interrupting each other and kept saying "he didn't answer the question." The candidates were so close to each other they were almost touching. At times it got so heated I thought they were going to start throwing punches especially when Rick went after Casey's family. They called each other a liar and crook and often got off topic.

I doubt if many minds were changed by this show as most voters didn't watch. Who wants to watch politicians when the baseball playoffs are on TV? We'll see what the headlines are tomorrow but the initial reaction around the blogs are predictable. Rick's cheerleaders say he won and Casey's supporters thought Santorum came off as a raving lunatic.

My wife gave up on it after about 10 minutes asking "do we have to vote for one of these guys?"

I thought it was fun.

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Bernie O'Hare said...

I missed the debate. I've only read news accounts and reports from bloggers. But I'll tell 'ya that these guys contribute to low voter turn out and apathy.