Thursday, October 12, 2006

el lou Barletta está haciendo las llamadas telefónicas para el santorum de richard

Sorry, English only. Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta (center) is back in the news. He was interviewed by 60 Minutes and was in Pittsburgh for a nativist rally Tuesday. And if you answer your phone when a strange number appears on your caller ID you just might hear his sweet mechanical voice on the other end telling you about that great protector of America Rick Santorum.

Barletta records message urging voters to support Santorum

In an approximately 60-second recorded message, Barletta identifies himself and says, "As you know, our city has been overrun by illegal aliens, leading to increased crime. Residents of Hazleton and the overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians want secure borders now, but without rewarding amnesty to the more than 13 million who entered our country illegally."

This guy is carrying more water for Santorum and just may drown in it. Before this year he was perceived as being a friend of the Spanish speaking community in Hazleton. But elections have a way of trying men's souls. Why unite when you can divide? Sowing fear wins elections or so Dubya has taught us. Mr. Barletta you have let yourself become a tool of a desperate politician.

In July, The Citizens Voice uncovered the fact that Santorum campaign staffer Eric Miller created and registered Barletta's Web site, at the request of Santorum's deputy campaign manager Luke Bernstein. There has been speculation Santorum or his campaign is behind Barletta's ordinance. Barletta flatly denied it.

We all believe that Lou.

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