Saturday, October 07, 2006

More pork, more paving

Specter brings more money for I-81 project

U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter knows firsthand the type of headaches caused by traffic congestion on Interstate 81. Specter was in Luzerne County to announce another $875,000 in federal funding for construction, design and engineering on the estimated $900 million project to widen Interstate 81 through a 33-mile portion from Clarks Summit to Nanticoke. The latest $875,000 allocation increases the federal government’s commitment to $8.75 million. It will take a collaborative effort by federal, state and local officials to find ways to continue to increase funding for the project, Specter said.“This is a big important project for Northeastern Pennsylvania, the state and really the nation,” Specter told a crowd at the NEPA Alliance headquarters in Pittston Township. “There’s nothing like riding on I-81 to really understand the problem. I’m determined to see this interstate widened.”

Widen the highways, pave more farms. Not a cent for mass transit. But Amtrack lives on subsidies but highways don't?

The biggest national security problem that the US faces is dependence on oil. We build more highways that encourages more cars/trucks. So we need more oil. Even Dubya acknowledged that we are addicted to oil. He should know. When our supply is threatened, like any addict, we do violence. Unless you are willing to commit to never ending war other ways to fuel our economy must be found.

If we didn't need oil who would care if Iraq invaded Kuwait or Iran. If we didn't need oil the greatest country on earth wouldn't be jerked around by a bunch of minor powers. President Carter warned us about this problem almost 40 years ago but nobody listened. Time to wake up.


D.B. Echo said...

Almost 40 years ago? I think you meant almost 30...

Anonymous said...

It was at the 1976 Dem. Convention.

"Buses"? No.

Outlawing immigration will help a lot;the rush to get away from immigrants (the cycle of overdevelopement)will lessen.

Family planning might be something to consider.

Both are as likely as Romanelli for President.