Saturday, October 21, 2006

Had enough?

Thanks to Howie

Had enough of Don Sherwood? Vote Chris Carney


Anonymous said...

Didn't Sherwood vote to impeach Clinton for adultery? Sherwood always votes against the reproductive health of women he's not personally screwing and choking. Did Sherwood pay Whore Ore $5 mil to shut up about her abortions and his previous and current OTHER whores?? Mrs. Sherwood is a selfish hypocrite, not a pitiable victim--she approves her adulterous husband's criminalization of the reproductive rights of all other women outside their Sherwood harem! Moreover, Don probably cheats on her because of the embarrassing incontinence 30-50% all US moms suffer! Don is only with Carol legally to get reelected!--he abandoned her long ago for childless half-age hotties which is why abortion should remain legal!

Anonymous said...

....And he spammed epix a long time ago.

Any politician that spams on my clock needs to be thrown the hell out. That includes you too, Barletta