Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Pa-10 poll

From the Lycoming College
Polling Institute
A part of
The Center for the Study of Community and the Economy

An outfit I've never heard of but the results are interesting. It's a poll so let's look at it. The bottom line is Representative Don Sherwood, the Republican incumbent in the 10th congressional district, trails Democratic challenger Christopher Carney 38 to 47 percent.

Sherwoods negatives are toxic. Only 37 percent viewed the congressman favorably, while 48 percent viewed him unfavorably and 16 percent offering no opinion or indicated they did not know enough to rate him. 41 percent viewed Carney favorably compared to 17 percent who viewed him unfavorably and 42 percent of respondents offered no opinion or did not know enough to rate the Democratic candidate.

Almost 50 percent negative. I'm surprised its it's not higher. A general rule to politics is if your negatives are above 40% you're done. Sherwood is only pulling 60% Republican support while Carney has the support of 80% of Democrats. And Carney has the support of 26% of Republicans. A little over 14% say they are undecided. Usually the undecided break for the challengers in the end.

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Anonymous said...

I think the GOP is getting desperate. Evidence the flier I received in the mail from some Republican Committee or other. It goes on and on about how evilly liberal Chris Carney is - your taxes will go up, the terrorists will win, etc. - but never once mentions the name "Don Sherwood." Interesting.